Metal heat treatment


Pasello Trattamenti Termici is ISO 9001 certi ed for industry standard and ISO-TS 16949 for the automotive industry

Based in Bologna, Italy, Pasello Trattamenti Termici specializes in the heat treatments of metals, and two years ago the growing company opened a new facility in Remscheid, Germany.
“The idea came from our German partners Nadine Billert and Johann Reckert,” says Vittorio Pasello, managing director at Pasello. “They had the idea of conquering the market share of small- and medium-sized enterprises, which need to handle small batches. These companies found a new ally in us because of our expertise and our flexibility, and that enables us to meet and solve customers’ individual needs.”
Named Härterei Nabi (Nabi, from Nadine’s name), the new plant opened in December 2015. Two years on, Pasello has claimed strong results thanks to an increasing number of German customers who rely on the company’s expertise and skilled workers. “We had to overcome some initial opposition,” says Pasello. “But word rapidly spread that we are punctual, prepared and able to quickly understand the different needs and peculiarities of our customers – which is something we are particularly proud of.”

Total process ownership allows for customized treatments and tailor-made responses to customers’ specific needs. The Italian company has customers in a wide range of fields: medical, automotive, oil and gas, the food industry, manufacturing, motorsport, as well as music and fashion.
“The heat treatment of metals is an incredibly complex science,” adds Pasello. “Suffice to say that the ASM International published 26 volumes to explain what heat treatment is.
We specialize in low-pressure heat treatments, in particular carburizing and nitriding. We offer over 50 different types of heat treatment, including vacuum and atmosphere – all managed with automatic lines that have been active since 1999, well before Industry 4.0.”
Innovation has always been in the company’s DNA. “Our father Gilberto has been working in this field since 1970,” continues Pasello. “In 1998, he decided to start his own company and he immediately aimed for the most advanced equipment and techniques available at the time in regard to automation.

This decision enabled us to move our business to a new larger plant after only 10 years, thereby doubling our production capacity.”

The company’s innovation policy continues today with constant investment – 15-20% of turnover is spent on state-of-the-art equipment and instruments. This means that Pasello can continuously and precisely monitor each step of the work process.
Pasello Trattamenti Termici is ISO 9001 certified for industry standard and ISO-TS 16949 for the automotive industry. “By the end of 2018, all suppliers working in the automotive industries will have to be certified. But we have been ready for some time now,” says Pasello.
“Our industry needs to be ubiquitous so that shipments can have the lowest impact possible. We want to be competitive on a geographical level – that’s why we have shares in OC Friuli in Udine and Nuova Oria Metaltermica in Reggio Emilia and Bergamo.”